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Walk 12 - New Town Linford

This walk takes about 70 minutes taking your time to enjoy the views. It can be very muddy at times but is remarkably 'remote' and quiet. It is not suitable for push chairs and quite hilly. This is for a more determined walker.

With some reluctance I would advise it goes out to Stinking Wood and back in a circuit. I don't know where the name comes from but I don't find it's smell unpleasant!

As a circular you can do it in either direction but I prefer doing it anti- clockwise.

Walk towards Hunts Hill and

Ulverscroft Lane looking to your left for a footpath sign. Take this path

and as it climbs uphill it crosses another strong path and then a restored old mill on your right. The path levels off and you come to a gate and then cross a meadow to the far left hand corner where it can sometimes flood. Cross the stream cum muddy puddle.

Follow this path and it passes a large attractive but private lake just off to your left and then through trees till it breaks out into a meadow. Keep the stream on your left until you see a bridge and then go left across this.

The path then leads you uphill between old woodlands and newer plantings until you reach a small summit. This may not be very elevated but it is prominent and despite only being about 6 miles from the centre of Leicester you can see 360° with nothing manmade except the tip of a radio mast at Copt Oak.

The path swings left here sharply downhill past an old small quarry and then into another damp valley bottom. Shortly on your right the path goes off into Stinking Wood over a pleasant stream. This wet area is blessed with duckboards over the messier bits.

Follow this and it comes out onto a private drive where you go left for a short distance and then right over a stile into a pasture.

On your left there is a wooded area and you can either go straight up the hedge line to the top of the field or into the wood and go up the other side. Either way you meet a path running across the top which is part of the Leicestershire Round long distance footpath.

Take this path to the left. You follow this to your left and it crosses into pastures where horses normally graze and then round this field boundary to your right.

Here the peace and quiet of the countryside is about to be lost in a cacophony of barking dogs. At the top of the field you go left on a strong track and through a gate. You pass another gate on your right to stables where guard dogs run free. They cannot get at you but it can be very disconcerting

Your path crosses a surfaced track with a scout camp on your left but you carry straight on through the woodlands.

At the end off the camp site the path splits but you keep to the left fork which brings you back to the village just inside Markfield Lane

As an alternative at the last fork you can go straight on down a step gully to the path crossroads near the old mill you met earlier and going right there takes you back to your starting point

This drawing may assist you

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