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Update on Huncote Leisure Centre landfill gas

Last Tuesday (02 November) Blaby District Council closed Huncote Leisure Centre after the discovery of elevated levels of landfill gas in the surrounding land during planned works.

As you may be aware, the leisure centre stands on a former landfill site and last week we began a series of planned work to monitor and upgrade existing infrastructure on the field to the rear of the building.

During the course of these routine works, our contractors identified other areas of the site that required monitoring. On learning this, we closed the site and declared a major incident. We have been working with partners, including the Police, Fire Service and our contractors to manage the situation and keep everyone safe.

Our contractors will be digging 14 monitoring points to ascertain current methane levels in these additional areas. If levels are found to be high then we will install the necessary equipment to mitigate any landfill gas risks. This is in addition to the work we were planning to undertake. Further work may also include the installation of a Flare Stack, which is designed to channel any gases safely into the atmosphere.

Whilst this work is going on we are taking regular measurements of the gas levels. We want to reassure you in the strongest possible terms that there is no immediate risk to your property.

As a precaution, Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service have advised that anyone living in the immediate area of the site keep doors and windows closed. Please note that this advice does not apply if your property is more than 100 metres from the boundary of the site.

Fencing and barriers at each of the entry points to the land have now been temporarily installed. To ensure safety on the site we are asking that no-one accesses the Leisure Centre or surrounding land. We know this is popular for local dog walkers but whilst this work takes place, please keep off the land and find an alternative walking route.

You may also have noticed that we have had to remove some vegetation and trees to gain access to the site. Please be assured that we will reinstate the area with new vegetation and trees once the work is completed.

The Leisure Centre and surrounding site will not reopen before Friday 26 November. If you are a paying member of Huncote Leisure Centre, you will be able to use Enderby Leisure Centre at no extra cost whilst the centre remains closed.

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Posted: Fri, 12 Nov 2021 09:58 by Beverley Greenwood

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