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Glenfield Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A Neighbourhood Plan is a local level plan, produced by the local community rather than the District Council. It sets out policies in relation to the development and use of land in the whole or any part of the particular neighbourhood area specified in the plan. Once a Neighbourhood Plan is made (adopted by the District Council), it becomes part of the statutory development plan for the District alongside the Local Plan. Every planning decision-maker must therefore have regard to it in the same manner as the Local Plan.

Who has prepared it?

The Glenfields Neighbourhood Plan Advisory Committee produced a Neighbourhood Plan on behalf of Glenfield Parish Council.

Current Stage

After a significant amount of consultation and preparation, the Parish Council have submitted its Neighbourhood Plan and other prescribed documents to Blaby District Council to undertake a formal consultation under Regulation 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended).

A formal consultation will take place between 31st January 2023 and 14 March 2023. The consultation is being run by Blaby District Council and all responses must be sent to Blaby District Council and not the Parish Council. The following documents are being consulted on:

  1. Glenfield Neighbourhood Plan Submission Version
  2. Appendix 1 Glenfield Census 2011 profile
  3. Appendix 2 Glenfield Housing Needs Report
  4. Appendix 3 Glenfield Affordable Housing Assessment
  5. Appendix 4 Environmental Inventory
  6. Appendix 5 Local Heritage Assets
  7. Appendix 6 Detailed Nature Records
  8. Appendix 7 Glenfield Character Areas
  9. Appendix 8 Glenfield Paths
  10. Glenfield Neighbourhood Plan Basic Conditions Statement
  11. Glenfield Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Statement
  12. Glenfield Neighbourhood Plan Pre-Submission Comments

The consultation documents are available to view on the Glenfield Parish Council website. A reference copy of the consultation documents is available to view during opening hours at the Blaby District Council Offices and the Glenfield Library.

Local residents, business and others with an interest in Glenfield are invited to make final comments, at this stage formally called 'representations', on the Neighbourhood Plan before it is submitted for examination.

Representations should be made in writing via email to or sent to Development Strategy Team, Blaby District Council, Council Offices, Desford Road, Narborough, Leicestershire, LE19 2EP. Representations must be received no later than the end of the day on 14 March 2023.

Blaby District Council will determine whether the Neighbourhood Plan should be made (and therefore become part of the Development Plan) following the Examination and Public Referendum in due course. If you wish to be notified of this decision then please state this in your representation.

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