Serving the people of Glenfield

On Monday 16th September 2019 Glenfield Parish Council declared a climate emergency. In following the lead of Parliament, who declared an emergency on the 1 May 2019, Glenfield Parish Council add their name to a growing list of public bodies that are waking up to the scale of the crisis that now faces us.

Glenfield Parish Council declares a Climate Emergency which requires urgent action.

It aims to reduce its own greenhouse gas emissions and to make its net impact negative as soon as possible. It will consider its environmental impact in all its decisions and work with the Glenfield community, other tiers of government and neighbouring Town and Parish Councils to reduce greenhouse gas emissions further.

As part of its work, Glenfield Parish Council will consider the effects climate change might have on the community and take steps to mitigate those effects and support residents in coping with them.

In order to carry out its aims, Glenfield Parish Council needs to:

i) Form a group to inform, energise and enable Council, its committees and its staff to make greenhouse gas reduction a primary consideration in all its policies, strategies, decisions and actions;

ii) Make sure environmental costs are balanced with financial costs in its budgetary considerations;

iii) Work with its suppliers, partners and customers to gain as much support as possible for its aims;

iv) Give support to and receive support from communities within Glenfield, and other local communities, to achieve its aims;

v) Create or attract other community projects to assist with its aims;

vi) Call upon Blaby District Council, Leicestershire County Council and UK Government to help Glenfield achieve its aims.

Last updated: Wed, 16 Oct 2019 22:32